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touchscreen Display
one-sided automatic edge banding machine
glue delivery directly to the workpieces
standby function (no burning of the glue)
Unit adjustment equipped with counter for setting different
kinds of edges
milling of the edge overhang (up / down) flush or with 2 mm radius
accurate cutting of the laminate (back / front) by cutting unit
straight surface scraping unit
Pressure rollers ensure perfect connection between laminate
and workpiece
automatic and constant panel feed
adhesive temperature electronically adjustable at the touch panel

Spannung / voltage 400 V / 3 / 50 Hz
Motorleistung / engine power S1 6,15 kW
min. Werkstücklänge / min. panel length 120 mm
min. Werkstückbreite / min. panel width 80 mm
Werkstückdicke / panel thickness 10-50 mm
Kantenbanddicke / edge band thickness 0,4-3 mm
Sägeblatt / saw blade dimension Ø 104 x 22 x 3 mm, 30Z/T
Arbeitsdruck / working pressure 6 bar
Vorschubgeschwindigkeit / feeding speed 10,3 m/min
Absaugstutzen / dust hold Ø 100 mm
Abmessungen / dimensions 3130 x 1130 x 1340 mm
Gewicht / weight 700 kg

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