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BT 46 Termékismertető:
szalag és dob csiszoló

pivoting aluminium table (up to 45°)
sanding belt unit tiltable from 0-90° horizontally and vertically
grey cast iron machine bed
mitre fence for precise angle sanding
suction device
fast and easy belt change due to quick clamping device
suitable for longitudinal and front edges, round and mitre sanding and plane faces

included in delivery: 1 sanding belt, 1 sanding disc, mitre gauge

table dimensions

159x222 mm

disc diameter

150 mm

belt dimensions

100x915 mm

engine power S1 (100%)

250 W

motor speed

490 min-1


230 V

net weight ca.

17 kg

gross weight

18 kg

packaging dimensions

550x265x290 mm

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